About Anil Aravind

I Anil kumar (Anil Aravind) born on 14 February 1969, in art related family. My father Aravindakshan is a spectacular artist in sculpture, painting and other relief works. I am, also grown up with the same facade. Through which I made several innovations, categories of aptitude, drawing, painting and sculpture etc... years of practice made me experienced.

Hither to I did several works of my own style in which the treatments, texture, mode of idea the message carrying are defferent and is the only attractions of a work should have.

I believe I have something to say to the world so l created the medium of art communication but art representing life itself for human beings. Life nature living are the tri-factors of my art thinking, here enlarge canvas of self criticism - my colours and shapes Care the symbols of my own discoveries of life.

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Ascetic Buddha Ascetic Buddha

Ascetic Buddha

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Kanayi Kunjiraman

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Nilambur Teak

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